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‘Skype In The Workspace’ Comes Out Of Beta, Allows Business Networking

Microsoft has been testing out ‘Skype in the Workspace’ for quite some time and after a beta run, the company has launched it to the users on Thursday. The product is an excellent way for businesses and entrepreneurs to discover each other online and collaborate through various tools.

Skype in the Workspace

Rather than just a tool to videochat or talk to people online, Skype In The Workspace is somewhat of a forum where different business-oriented personnel can connect with each other. The product is primarily oriented at small businesses which are a fairly sized audience, ranging in millions according to the Small Business Administration’s statistics.

An online cafe to talk business:
Skype in the Workspace is essentially an online space where businessmen and entrepreneurs can talk to each other, connect with new contacts and share and collaborate on different things, ranging from ideas to projects. It allows people to transcend the limitations of distance and get to business even if they are at two opposite ends of the world.

Online business

The tools that Microsoft offers to the users of this specific version of Skype include the ability to work together via video. It may be a little difficult for the users to ‘discover’ other contacts initially but by looking up with the right keywords they can find the kind of contacts they are looking for.

Problems with the product:
Whereas Skype In The Workspace definitely sounds a great product for small businesses, things may not be all that rosy. For instance, the software does not come with a whole lot of guidance and you may have to grip it on your own. It depends on the users to find the right opportunities for themselves and then engage with these opportunities.

You can log into the software with your Skype or LinkedIn ID and then look up people and invite them to chats for a definite duration of time. You can also favorite these contacts in case you may want to connect up with them later.

In its current state, Skype In The Workspace is still a fairly open and vague platform. One hopes that it may shape over future iterations but Microsoft will need to amass a sufficient number of users to get the motivation to do so.

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