Shype 3G calling Hacked

Shype official application finally landed in Android Market and Skype 3G calling now hacked for US users….

Skype is the undisputed best free (for the most part) Voip software available, but when they released their latest Android application they removed 3G calling for everyone in the USA. Well that feature has been hacked and re-enabled by one of our members by the name of xeudoxus, who I have been talking to and he says this was quite simple and took him a matter of 15 minutes to do it.

To install this, simply download the apk that’s in the thread, copy and paste it in your memory card and install it using a fill manager application. When it is done installing go to the application and call us to tell us how awesome it runs.

To install these apps, just download to sdcard and use a file/apk manager to install (Make sure you uninstall the original app first)
To Uninstall the original app, just (Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>”Select your app”>Uninstall)
(If you download Skype and its , just rename to Skype.apk)

Skype (Unlocked for 3G calling in the US)
Blackboard Mobile Learn (Any Phone, normally locked to Sprint)


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