TIFF Vulnerability In CS5 Software Will Soon Be Patched By Adobe

CS5 users have been complaining of some critical vulnerabilities in the software of the suite. Specifically, one of the vulnerabilities in CS5 allows a malware to make encroaches into a user’s machine. The good news for CS5 and CS5.5 users is that Adobe has now announced that it will soon be patching up these bugs and resolving the security hole.

This comes as a great news for CS5 users. That is because a lot of CS5 users have been told through numerous reports, none of them official though, that if they wanted to get rid of the security problem, they will have to upgrade to CS6 and that Adobe won’t do anything about CS5 security loopholes. With this fresh announcement, these reports have obviously turned out to be false.

The bug, which is the whole center of focus in this issue, causes a TIFF file to trigger buffer overflow. As a result, a malware is able to infect the machine. When Adobe released CS6, it included in the description that “Adobe Photoshop CS6 addresses these vulnerabilities.”

This caused a number of analysts to think that perhaps what Adobe meant was that the bug has been patched in CS6 and since there was no mention of CS5, CS5 users won’t be getting a patch.

Now, however, CS5 users are finally relieved to know that Adobe does care about the earlier versions of CS and will be rolling out an update for CS5 users soon. There is no word on a similar update for earlier versions of Creative Suite yet.

Source: Adobe

Courtesy: The Verge

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