Windows 8 Aero Lite Screenshots Leaked

There were lots of news that the new Windows 8 has integrated the popular Metro UI into its interface. Now we have some real leaked screenshots of Windows 8 M3-enabled theme Aero Light from Winreview. It looks like the theme may still be a work in process, as is the entire OS.

Let’s take a look of the two screenshots.

Screenshots highlighting some features in Areolite have emerged. AeroLite is presumed to be a new interface in Windows 8 which will likely replace Basic Aero theme. The screenshots reveals that AeroLite theme will support Thumbnail Previews unlike Basic Aero theme. It obviously shows the buttons which are inspired from “Metro” UI and were shown in AeroLite Button resources.

The second screenshot brings “Run” dialog to foreground and tells that dialog title is aligned in center rather to Left. AeroLite was first discovered some days ago when msstyle files emerged. An early mockup of Aero Lite theme for Windows 7 is also available.

Redmond based company is working on two main separate interfaces for Windows 8. One rumored to be “Mosh” is intended for Windows 8 Slates and a demo might be given in June. The other interface named “Wind” is claimed to be a 3D interface and will be available for high end PCs. Both have been kept under “Tight Surveillance” at Microsoft’s campus and no one has been able to grab a look.

Apart from Windows 8, the upcoming version of Office 15 is also rumoured to have the metro UI. Here is a screenshot of Office 15 running on Windows 8.

At this stage there is no confirmation from Microsoft on whether metro UI would finally make it to Windows 8.


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