Windows 8 Milestone 2 Build Almost Close To an End

According to WinRumors, Microsoft is close to finalizing the Milestone 2 build of Windows 8. Windows 8 M3 is already scheduled to begin coding next week on February 28, 2011. If the development for M3 is anywhere near the length of time as M2, Windows 8 RTM would be right on schedule for a mid-2012 release.

Microsoft compiled 6.2.7947.0.winmain_win8m2_escrow.110218-1608 on Friday after pushing out a number of Windows 8 builds recently. Things are moving along nicely behind closed doors, and versions of the OS will soon be allowed out to Microsoft’s trusted partners for testing. Some of the recent Windows 8 builds which were compiled in the last couple of weeks were:


Another interesting thing to point out is that the final build candidate for Windows 8 M2 will be signed off on Wednesday, and the developers tasks will be assigned on Friday.


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