Office 2013 Is Locked To The First Computer It Is Installed On

In the past, Microsoft’s Office suite could be used by a user on more than one machines. However, with Office 2013, Microsoft seems to be changing this policy. In Office 2013, the software suite locks itself to the first computer it is installed on, so that it can’t be used on any other machines when, for instance, a user wishes to change his PC.

Office 2013

The move, many have reckoned, is meant to push more users towards Microsoft’s Office 365 offering. Office 365 essentially provides a fairly comprehensive cloud-based Office experience so that it can be accessed on multiple devices. Microsoft’s attempt to lock Office 2013 on a single computer may be meant to persuade the users to move on to Office 365.

However, if that’s the company’s intent, it has chosen a horrible way to achieve it. Many users are already citing that they are highly annoyed at the fact that the license for Office 2013 suite applies only to a single machine.

The End User License Agreement of Office 2013 reads, “Our software license is permanently assigned to the licensed computer.” A spokesperson for the company further stated, “We’ve been very clear in all of our communications that customers seeking transferability should get Office 365 and that Office 2013 is licensed to one device.”

It remains to be seen that whether or not the end-users take kindly to this ‘forced transition.’ We will find our answers in the total user base of Office 365 in the coming days. If it is significantly bolstered, that would mean Microsoft has succeeded in achieving its goal.

Courtesy: Slashgear

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