Bill Gates Envisions A Unified Platform For Windows And Windows Phone

Microsoft has been bringing its mainstream OS, Windows, and its mobile OS, Windows Phone closer to each other. The company’s co-founder, Bill Gates, has now revealed that eventually, both these platforms will be merged into one.

Windows Phone

Microsoft’s developers are already sharing the code between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, which may also explain a number of similarities between the two operating systems. However, according to Bill Gates, that’s just a start.

Eventually, the two platforms will virtually merge into a single, unified platform. In other words, a single Windows iteration would be perfectly suitable for running both on smartphones and tablets as well as on desktops.

According to Bill Gates, “We’re certainly sharing between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 – sharing the user interface, sharing some of those development tools, and over time we’ll just get to do more and more of that. It’s evolving literally into being a single platform.”

Interestingly, this statement by Gates seems to affirm the rumors that Microsoft has plans of launching a Surface-branded Smartphone of its own sometime during the next year. If indeed the company is planning to merge the mobile and the desktop, it may as well launch a Smartphone of its own to demonstrate the viability of the idea.

Bill Gates also showered Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablets with praise, citing them as ‘great products’ and claiming that that they are much more than mere tablets. You can watch the video below to hear more from him:

Source: BGR

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