Best Windows Applications To Remove Duplicate Files

We’re storing a huge amount of files in our computers but we also have a large amount of duplicate files which are only unnecessary taking up space on the hard drive and if we are going to continue collecting them, it will only slow down our system. The best way to deal with this problem is to identify those duplicate file and remove them. To make you this job easier we will suggestion you some of best applications for Windows, Mac or Linux which will easily remove any type of duplicate file you may have in your system, whether it’s a file music, document, photograph etc…

CloneSpy: This program allows us to automate the task of removing the duplicated files so we don’t have to worry about duplicates anymore. It is particularly ideal for files that are identical: that is, they are created or modified at the same time and have the same name.

DoubleKiller: This application is free, but has a paid version that is more powerful. This tool will compare files that are duplicates, focusing on those that have been updated more recently.

Fast Duplicate File Finder: This is a free tool that lets you delete files, songs, documents, photographs, which appear more than once in our computer. Its value lies in the number of different files we can filter trough for duplicates.

dupeGuru: If you have a small amount of files to scan, dupeGuru can select different folders at the same time to see if we have duplicated files. The free version allows you to remove up to 10 files at a time.

Duplicate Cleaner 2.0: This program offer a great number of customization options, for example being able to choose colors that will identify duplicate documents. It is also free and has a very friendly interface.

WinMerge: This program works on both Windows and Linux and allows us to delete files that are appearing two or more times in our computer. What you can do in addition is to join two files that are duplicates, instead of deleting those files.

Easy Duplicate Finder: With this application we can remove duplicate files but its main objective is to find and remove duplicate songs and pictures, which is essential if we use a program like iTunes that creates a parallel library on the PC.

Duplicate Files Searcher: This program also has a very simple to use interface, which is quite useful for those who don’t want to any complications when settings up the program. It is available for multiple operating systems, including Mac.

Duplicate File Finder: This program is ideal because it is free but can be used in corporate networks, and allows us to export reports in HTML.

Anti Twin: This program is also ideal when removing duplicate songs, and its completely free. We can scan the contents of the music file to see if it’s a duplicate, even if they have different names which can be quite useful because we usually have a lot of same songs but with a small different in their file name.

Any other useful program missing in our list? Fill free to suggest it in comment section below.


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