Can Microsoft Team Compete with Slack?

The new updates to Microsoft Team come as an update to its Office 365 Collaboration suite. The company rolled out the new updates this week. 

Microsoft Team vs Slack

Microsoft made Team free to use in 40 different languages. Now, you can use the free version of Microsoft Team for up to 300 users.

Microsoft Team Pricing

If you opt to use the free version you will get a storage limit of a 20GB. On the other hand, the free version of Slack comes with a 5GB storage limit. Additionally, you can only read 10,000 lines of chat which can cause much inconvenience. But Team users can search through their entire chat history without any limitations.

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

With the latest update, you will also see a new addition to the Video Conferencing feature on Team- Background Blur. If you have to attend an important meeting with your entire team from a coffee shop, just get into it. In short, Microsoft Team will use Artifical Intelligence to blur out the unnecessary faces and objects, saving you the embarrassment.

Additional Features to Office 365

In addition to the Microsoft Team updates, you will now have a new feature-Who. This app will let you search for employees in your database by their names.

Furthermore, according to some the most interesting feature update is the ability to create on-demand live events in Office 365. And for the event, you can utilize webcams, screen sharing, and many more features.

Wrapping Up!

Before ending this blog lets sum up the new feature updates to Microsoft Team.

  • Unrestricted Chat Message and Search Capability.
  • Built-in Audio and Video Calling.
  • 10GB of Team File Storage Capacity.
  • Integration with Office Online Apps- Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote.
  • 140+ Apps Integration Capability i.e. Adobe, Evernote, Trello

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