Fashion House CEO Paul Deneve Hired By Apple To Work On Special Projects

Apple has staged somewhat of a coup in the fashion industry by bagging Paul Deneve, who had been the CEO of Yves Saint Laurent until quite recently. Deneve quit his job, initially citing that he was joining the high-tech industry. It now appears that he has been hired by Apple.

Paul Deneve

Apple is apparently working on certain fashion-related projects of its own. It is possibly for these projects that the company has hired Deneve at an executive position. Given that Deneve is quitting his top slot at YSL to join Apple, it is beyond doubt that the tech titan offered him an irresistible deal.

This jump from hardcore fashion industry to a tech company may seem a tad bit odd for Deneve. But a quick review of his past jobs reveals that it is not all that surprising. Deneve has worked for Apple in the past too, having been in the sales and marketing division of the company from 1990 to 1997.

For Apple, though, it makes sense to hire a top-end fashion expert, given the fact that the company puts a lot of focus on the design of its products. One of the key selling-points of Apple’s products is precisely their design, which stands them apart from any peer offerings. In this context, we may see Deneve working on Apple’s product designs in the coming days.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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