Firefox’s Metro Flavor Arrives On Its Nightly Channel

The Mozilla team has been working on a metro-version of the Firefox browser, primarily meant for the Windows 8 machines. The metro version supposedly includes a number of modern UI elements. According to reports, the Firefox with modern UI has now arrived at the nightly channel.

Firefox metro

Nightly channel essentially lets its user access early releases related to Firefox. In other words, the channel is the first to lay its hands on whatever Mozilla team is cooking up. So now that the metro-Firefox has arrived on it, we can hope that the full metro version may arrive some time soon.

Even now, if you have a Windows 8 device and are registered on the Firefox Nightly channel, you can update your Firefox and the metro version would automatically be added to the metro mode on your device.

According to Firefox’s Desktop Product Manager Asa Dotzler, “There’s plenty of work still to do, but it’s stable enough that we’re ready for more and more regular testing. If you’re a Firefox or Windows developer and you’d like to get involved, please let me know.”

Once you download and install this release, it creates a blue tile on your Windows 8 Start screen. From the looks of it, this modern Firefox flavor is slick and quick. It picks your bookmarks from Firefox’s desktop version automatically and you get a hang of using it within a few minutes. Still, it is more of a test release and we can expect a few glitches crop up in the coming days.

Source: Mozilla Zine

Courtesy: Tech Report

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