IE10 Preview For Windows 7 Is Reportedly Launching Today

Microsoft’s browser has been pushed back by the fierce competition posed by Chrome and Firefox. Yet it continues to be a major player. With IE 10, Microsoft intends to bring back the glory of Internet Explorer. According to reports, a preview of IE 10 for Windows 7 is due to be launched today.

Internet Explorer 10

IE 10 is already fairly well known, thanks to the fact that it is included in the latest OS release from Microsoft, the Windows 8. We have seen the many new features of the latest version of the browser as well as its sleek looks on the metro interface.

However, things may be a tad bit different for Windows 7 users. For starters, Windows 7 doesn’t make use of the metro interface and an IE10 for it would essentially have to borrow the same, old looks.

As regards the functionality, Microsoft officials have earlier promised that IE10 for Windows 7 “has the same standards based platform for developers to target as IE10 on Windows 8.” In other words, we may get to see the same level of performance by IE10 on Windows 7 machines as it does on Windows 8.

Now, a Chinese tech blog, iFanr, has claimed that in a recent IE10 media press event by Microsoft, the company had revealed that it would be launching a preview version of the browser for Windows 7 immediately. The blog then pegs the release date of the preview version to be November 13, i.e. today, although it hasn’t happened so far.

Source: iFanr

Courtesy: CNET

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