Microsoft Reveals Final Security Patches For Windows XP And Office 2003

Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows XP this month. To send out a final dose of support to the users of Windows XP, Microsoft has readied security patches which will take care of many ‘Critical’ issues.

Windows XP

As soon as Windows XP‘s official helpline expires, hackers will devise new hacks and tricks to exploit it. This will inevitably happen sooner or later, but with the final patches from Microsoft, you can push the Doom’s Day away still.

As part of the update, Windows XP users will receive a ‘Critical‘ update which will take care of some imminent security issues in IE6, 7 and 8. Another patch for the OS will be labeled ‘Important.’ For Office 2003, Microsoft will release on ‘Critical‘ update which will patch an exploit in Word that exists in all versions for now.

A number of other ‘Important‘ patches will also be dished out for Office 2003. Given that Windows Server 2003 is still a popular tool, the company has also readied a number of patches for it. It is pertinent that all existing users download and install these patches as soon as possible. Microsoft is expecting a huge portion of Windows XP users ┬áto jump to Windows 8, something which may soon become inevitable for Windows XP users.

Nonetheless, the final batch of patches will be very helpful in bumping up the security of the OS one last time. After that, it will either be upgrade to Windows 8 or risking countless problems with XP.

Source: Microsoft

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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