Microsoft Integrates SkyDrive Into Windows 8

It seems that Microsoft really intends to change the whole experience of using a PC with Windows 8. While we have already heard about a number of awesome features that Microsoft is introducing in Windows 8, here’s yet another great news for Windows users: Microsoft is integrating it’s online storage SkyDrive deep into Windows 8. This means that you will be able to directly access your SkyDrive storage  data from Windows 8. Given below are the details of this feature.

Basically, the support for this online storage is being extended through three key features: these include a metro-style app for SkyDrive in Windows 8,  support for SkyDrive file integration in Windows 8 and finally, remote file access through

SkyDrive metro-style app:
This is a very useful feature indeed. What is more cooler than accessing all your SkyDrive files right through your PC. All you have to do is sign in with your Windows Live ID. Windows 8 will then check whether or not the important system files such as settings, browser history etc are saved in the cloud. If they are there in the cloud, Windows 8 will make them available on your PC as well.  The best part if that every metro-style app on your Windows 8 will be able to make use of this feature. According to Microsoft, “will bring a file cloud to every Metro style app.”

Desktop app for SkyDrive:
The desktop app for SkyDrive can be installed as an independent app. Once you install the file, a SkyDrive folder will be created in userprofile folder. Now, whenever you want to add a file to your online SkyDrive storage, all you have to do is drop that file into SkyDrive folder and it will automatically be added to your cloud storage. This desktop app will soon be made available for Windows 8, Windows 8 and Windows Vista. Also, Microsoft will be increasing the maximum file size to 2GB, making it very convenient for users to push even larger files into the cloud storage.

Remote File Access:
Through this feature, two users can connect online and transfer files from one PC to another. However, it will require two-step authentication, for instance through mobile and email. Also, it is not yet clear whether or not both users will require a desktop app but what is clear is that both users require Windows 8 to transfer files. Currently, you get to have about 25GB of storage on SkyDrive. And Microsoft has further plans to allow even greater storage space to users at a fairly good price.

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