Microsoft Is Trying to Make Windows 8 Mobile Friendly?

Windows 8 is coming. And with it a whole host of rumors and uncertainties about how will it affect the overall market. After all, it aims to make room for itself in the already tight mobile market and at the same time keep its dominance over desktop users.

There have been reports, for example that changes to the Windows Start menu and user interface have been made in order to transform the Windows 8 into a mobile device friendly OS. As Microsoft, seems to be putting all of its eggs in one basket, Windows 8 is the company’s hope at inserting themselves in the increasingly competitive mobile touch screen devices space. The OS will apparently offer tight integration between computers and mobile devices.

Since the Windows 8 Developer Preview, Microsoft has been receiving tons of complaints from desktop users regarding the new Metro interface. Most of them feel that the touch-based UI doesn’t not work well with a mouse and a keyboard. Is Microsoft trying too hard? Maybe Microsoft should realize that its revenue (or at least most of it) is still generated by the good old PC operating software, and it might take a while until people actually get used to the idea of a mobile oriented Microsoft.

So far, Microsoft’s attempts of carving a place for itself into the mobile market have been hitting pretty serious bumps. But if we analyze the fact that the costumers are bewildered by tablets and smartphones nowadays, Microsoft seems to have no other viable choice than to try and follow the trend.


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