Windows 8 Consumer Preview Gets Downloaded A Million Times In 24 Hours

The world has been eagerly waiting for Windows 8 to finally come out – specifically ever since Microsoft had released the developer preview, the users have been waiting for a beta version, which Microsoft now termed ‘Consumer Preview.’ With so much hype surrounding the release, it shouldn’t surprise one now that Microsoft has said that the beta version has been downloaded a million times within the first 24 hours!!

The high-point of Windows 8, one which has really stirred a genuine interest among the users, is that it features the metro-style interface which is very refreshing to use. The total number of downloads on day one of the release of beta version mounted up to three and a half petabytes of data. Or in terms of downloads per second, this is equal to 41GB per second!

We have seen the launch of a number of other very popular software pieces in the recent past. But none has been rushed to, so fast like this beta version. The sheer number speak of the vast, wild popularity that Windows still enjoys as an OS and also points to the eager anticipation among the users regarding Windows 8.

Image courtesy ceo.

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