Microsoft May Bring Back The Start Button And Boot To Desktop In Windows Blue

Software giant Microsoft has acknowledged that Windows Blue (also called Windows 8.1) is the upcoming update of Windows 8 OS. Some leaked images have hinted that Microsoft will introduce Snap View, IE 11, and more in Windows Blue and may release it in 2013 for free. Recently, it’s been reported that Microsoft plans to bring back the Start button and boot to desktop for Windows Blue.

Windows Blue To Have Start Button

Some earlier reports have hinted that Windows Blue will be built in such a way that will allow users to boot to the traditional Windows interface instead of the “Metro”-style Start Screen, used in the current edition of the PC and tablet operating system. The Verge has reported that “hot corners” that bring up the modern-style Start menu and the Charms bar will remain intact if the boot to desktop option is enabled. Interestingly, one of the vital sources of Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet has confirmed her that Microsoft is considering to bring back the Start button as an option with Windows Blue as many people have criticized the usage of the Start Screen in favor of the usage of the Start Menu.

Still now, it’s uncertain whether or not Microsoft will really bring back the Start button or directly boot to the desktop in Windows Blue as the company hasn’t mentioned anything about it.

Source: ZDNet, The Verge

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