Microsoft Ships New Patch For Surface, Fixes Wi-Fi And Other Issues

Microsoft has already released two updates to fix Wi-Fi problems in Surface tablets. Microsoft has released a third patch aiming to fix Wi-Fi issues in Surface. Microsoft’s April 9 updates for Suface RT and Surface Pro include hardware driver and firmware fixes,¬†along with fixes for other issues.

Microsoft Surface Tab By TTJ

Microsoft’s release note for Surface RT update says that the new patch would beef up support for a “wide range” of access points and address system crashes related to Wi-Fi issues. The patch for Surface Pro fixes variety of issues, including problems with touch navigation in the UEFI boot menu, support for Japanese keyboards on North American hardware, connectivity issues with Surface Type and Touch covers, and an issue where toggling airplane mode disables the Wi-Fi driver.

Users can get these patches automatically via Windows Update feature for Surface. If a user has disabled automatic updates on Surface, he/she have to run the update process manually.

Source: Engadget, Microsoft

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