Microsoft Reveals HomeOS, An Operating System For The Home

Microsoft has attempted in the past to make the user-interface for Windows-using devices even more easier for average users at homes. This is to enable them easier navigation by making things less technical. Microsoft Bob was one such project, which failed in the past. Now, the company has similar plans with its Project HomeOS.

Homes are truly the epicenter of technology today. The sales, profits, and consequently, research of all major tech companies are pushed primarily because of the home users. Average homes in developed countries usually contain from tablets to desktop PCs to smartphone and a lot of other gadgetry. Whereas this indicates a more sophisticated lifestyle, it also means that due to the lack of compatibility between devices, things could get difficult.

This is where the notion of HomeOS comes in. According to the team which is working on the project, ‘To simplify the management of technology and to simplify the development of applications in the home, we are developing an “operating system” for the home. HomeOS provides a centralized, holistic control of devices in the home. It provides to users intuitive controls to manage their devices. It provided to developers high-level abstractions to orchestrate the devices in the home.’

A HomeOS apparently enables the average users to gain a ‘centralized’ control of all the gadgets present in the house. Moreover, the team also says that developing applications for such a system is quite easy for the developers. There is also a HomeStore from where users can get the relevant apps specific to the devices that are present in their homes.

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