Microsoft To Unveil Windows 9 On Sep 30, Invitation Sent To Journalists

Although it was first mentioned that software giant Microsoft would release Windows 9 in April 2015, later it was announced that Windows 9 would arrive later this year. Then it was reported that Microsoft may unveil Windows 9 on September 30, and now it’s nearly confirmed that Microsoft will introduce its new operating system Windows 9 (code name as Threshold) on September 30 at an event in San Francisco.

Windows 9

Windows 9 is the successor to the widely panned Windows 8. Many people have aspired a lot from this new OS. Microsoft has hold a special press event on September 30 in San Francisco. So it is almost sure that Microsoft will show off or talk about Windows 9 at that event. Rumors are there that Microsoft has included a button in Windows 9 that will allow users to upgrade builds just by clicking it. In other words, users will be able to easily and quickly upgrade just by single click instead of re-installation.

Mark Richmond, CEO of Micro Doctor, a technology solutions company, once said, “Windows 8.1 is a huge disappointment. If Microsoft does not bring back the Start Menu, I predict Windows 8 will become the second biggest Operating System blunder since Microsoft Vista. Every PC we sell today has Windows 7 Pro installed or downgraded from Windows 8. Perhaps they need to Spin off Windows 8 Touch and Bring out a Windows 9 Corporate Edition with the start menu again.”

Microsoft watchers believe that Windows 9 will be a game-changing product for Microsoft. The watchers also believe that those Windows users who were pissed off because of Windows 8 will be very much happy using Windows 9. They expect that there will be a similar UI and start menu in Windows 9 like Windows 7.

It is to be noted here that it’s not clear yet whether Windows 9 will actually be known as Windows 9. So, it’s time to see whether or not Microsoft unveils Windows 9 as the name people are expecting. At the same time, there are many reports saying that Microsoft may unveil Windows 9 in a new name. However, lets wait and see what Microsoft brings on September 30.

Source: PhysOrg

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