Windows Blue Leaked, Introduces Snap View, IE 11, And More

On the same day, Microsoft Chief Steve Ballmer was celebrating his 57th birthday, an early build of Windows Blue, Microsoft’s next update of Windows, was leaked online. The leaked Windows Blue build, numbered 9364, was a partner version compiled on March 15.

Windows Blue-1
Windows Blue-2
Windows Blue-3
Windows Blue-4
Windows Blue-5

Build 9364 was made available in file-sharing sites. Leaked screenshots of the version were available at Winforum.

From the leaked screenshots we have deciphered the following features that are new to Windows.

  • Windows Blue has smaller tile arrangements with a lot of control over color personalization options.
  • The new Windows introduces Snap View that allows users to place Windows 8 style apps side by side.
  • Includes multi-monitor support for Windows 8 style apps.
  • All necessary settings are now included in Windows-8 style settings screen. Tablet users won’t have to go to traditional Control Panel for basic settings.
  • The Devices Charms bar includes a “play” option similar to PlayTo option in Windows 8.
  • Windows Blue includes Internet Explorer 11.
  • New gestures are introduced for touch users. “On the Start Screen you can swipe up from the bottom to bring up a list of all apps, and in the desktop mode you can swipe up or down to reveal a desktop app bar that provides access to snap, projector settings, and more.”

A public preview of Windows Blue is expected in coming months. The final release would come later this year.

Thanks to: TheVerge

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