New Back-Up System Storage Spaces Coming to Windows 8

Now that the cat is out of the bag and Windows 8 is coming out for sure, other rumors have started to emerge as well. So here’s a new feature reported to tag along with the new OS: Storage Spaces – an option that has been mentioned before, but the fact that nobody has ever seen in action, marked it with uncertainty.

But, a site called has posted some screenshots showing the feature. This new option seems to be meant to aid people who want to recover their files in case of a hard drive failure. Taking a closer look at the screen shots the Storage Spaces seem to require two hard drives in order to do the work. Windows 8 owners will chose which drives to use and then name the storage space and pick a letter for the drive. The concept is that the Storage Space files will always be kept safe, in case one of the user’s main drives happened to fail. You can also see from the screenshots how much the Storage Spaces can hold.

This might not seem like such a new feature for desktop computers, yet it will be made available directly from Windows, so we think that is a big plus. However, it is expected for the feature to expand in more ways than those showcased in the screenshots.

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