New Survey Shows Little Demand For Windows 8 Yet

Microsoft has finally played its trump card, releasing Windows 8 on which may bank the company’s very future. However, according to a recent poll by The Associated Press and GfK, things don’t look very bright for the company as not many users seem interested in the new operating system.

Windows 8

During the course of a survey, a total of 1200 users were included, all of them U.S. residents. In the light of the survey’s results, it was revealed that less than one-third of the total respondents were interested in buying any Windows 8 machines.

Many users cited the fact that Windows 8 was essentially a departure from a years-long Windows experience and ushered a user into a new interface and method of interaction. This, the users stated, was somewhat discomforting and thus, they would want to stick to Windows 7 for now.

Yet another 52% of the respondents said that they haven’t heard of Windows 8 or of a machine running the said OS. This kind of justifies Microsoft’s reported plans of spending a whopping $1 billion on marketing Windows 8 to bring it to the attention of the yet uninformed users.

The survey’s results sound a tad bit dubious when they claim that 69% of the respondents expressed little or no interest in purchasing a Surface tablet by Microsoft. This stands in contrast to the swarming crowds of eager users who were witnessed at Microsoft stores the other day, testifying to the ramped up interest in Surface tablets.

Nonetheless, the survey does shed some light on the trends among different age groups. Older people, for instance, prefer to stick to Windows 7 since it is familiar whereas more younger and in-work professionals generally seem to opt to Windows 8 for its ramped up features and better looks.

Courtesy: HuffPost

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