Windows 8 Zero-Day Exploit Up For Sale From VUPEN

Not even ten days have passed since Microsoft has officially released Windows 8 operating system (OS), its security flaws are coming out. Security has always been a major headache for Microsoft. As its Windows OS continue to reign the market, crackers are constantly trying to make some bucks by exploiting its users through security holes.

The latest blow in this quarter comes from a French security firm VUPEN. The security firm claims to have cracked a hole in the recently released Windows 8. It has developed a zero-day exploit for the new OS from Microsoft. And, VUPEN is not interested to disclose the exploit to Microsoft, rather it wants to sell the code to the highest bidder.

Microsoft has not confirmed or denied VUPEN’s claim. If such an exploit exists, and Microsoft fails to patch it soon the Windows 8 sales can expect to receive a blow, especially from corporate customers.

Zero-day exploits usually takes days, and sometimes years, before a security patch is released. We will have to wait to see how long Microsoft will take in this case.

Source: Bit-Tech

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