New Vulnerability Discovered In Microsoft XML Component

Digital security is a tricky thing. No matter how much you patch up things, those looking for exploits will be able to find a vulnerability or two to make use of. It is precisely for this reason that security researchers are always on the alert, trying to discern if any new vulnerability in one of the popular software platforms have surfaced.

Folks at Google’s Online Security Blog have been able to discover a vulnerability in the Microsoft XML component. Incidentally, the vulnerability is nothing new for prospective hackers who are already using it to exploit different targets.

The attack, which makes use of this vulnerability, is distributed by the attackers with the help of malicious web pages. These malicious web pages are primarily meant to target Internet Explorer users as well as through Office documents. For Windows users, the bad news is that if you are a Windows XP or a Windows 7  user, you are immediately vulnerable to this attack.

The good news is, though, that Microsoft has promptly responded to this security threat and has issued a Fix it solution that you ought to download and install immediately to make your machine secure against this vulnerability. Specifically, if you often use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office, this Fix It Solution is a must-have for you, until Microsoft releases a full and final solution to this issue.

Source: Google Online Security Blog

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