Rumer: Windows Intune 2.0 Beta To Release Next Week

Microsoft is set to debut the beta of Windows Intune 2.0 next week at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference and Windows Intune is a product that allows IT denizens to provide security and manage PCs from a browser for a set per computer and per month rate. The potential timing of this beta release of Intune 2.0 is that Intune 1.0 only hit the market in March of this year and implying a faster than average turn around time for new versions of Intune………


Windows Intune beta 2 holds great promise for enterprises with limited IT staff significantly beef up their network management and security and also it includes upgrade rights to Windows 7 Enterprise. Microsoft is ready to take the wraps off a beta of the next release of its Windows Intune PC management service and the week of July 11 s Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, the beta of Intune 2.0 will likely be announced there. Windows Intune is one of Microsoft’s cloud services that provides IT pros with PC management and security for $11 per seat per month. There are two components to Windows Intune 1.0 (which was codenamed Florida): On-premises Windows and Windows management tools, plus an online management and security service. Windows Intune evolved from a Microsoft project known as System Center Online Desktop Manager (SCODM). Microsoft released version 1 of Windows Intune in March 2011. It manages and secures Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 PCs. Windows Intune works over the cloud like Windows Update and Microsoft Update, but users don’t need on-site infrastructure, as updates are delivered directly to any of their managed PCs that have an Internet connection. Microsoft has been seeking customer input on what IT managers with more than 5,000 PCs would like to see in future versions of Windows Intune. The Softies have been looking for companies that may be involved in activities that include keeping PCs secure and up to date, distributing software applications, managing mobile devices, performing data backup and restore and monitoring PC health. Microsoft also is looking at how to add mobile support to Windows Intune, but V2 will include any mobile-management/security capabilities.



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