Start Button Is Coming Back With Windows 8.1

When Microsoft launched Windows 8, a major concern for the users was the sheer absence of the ‘Start’ button in the OS. Apparently, the company has taken a cue from the customer feedback. The new Windows 8.1 ad dished out by Microsoft hints at the return of ‘Start’ on Windows 8 platform.

Start button

Microsoft provides two browsing modes when using Windows 8: one is the regular desktop menu minus the Start button and the other is the metro interface. Desktop mode is certainly very useful because it lets you utilize your experience of using previous Windows versions. However, the sheer absence of a ‘Start’ menu from where one could search content, access basic apps and tasks within a second and so forth, has been disconcerting for most users.

As a result, Microsoft has now hinted in a new ad that it is bringing back the button. In fact, not only that, the new Windows 8.1 update will also allow you to boot your machine straight to the desktop mode. Currently, you are required to first boot up to a metro interface and then browse to the desktop menu.

Microsoft has also taken the occasion to highlight the fact that to prop up support for the relatively recent Windows 8 platform, it will be releasing new version of Surface tablet as well as a range of other PCs, all of them naturally running Windows 8. Although Microsoft’s Surface slates have failed to gain much traction, the company may be able to bag better sales by making Windows 8 more desirable for the end users.

Courtesy: The Verge

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