Users Are Finally Adjusting To Windows 8, Microsoft Claims

Although the Modern interface of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, has been hailed a lot, many feared it may pose a significant challenge to many users. However, the company has now claimed that in light of the user data it has gathered, users are adjusting nicely to the new OS.

Windows 8 Metro Interface

The user interface of Windows 8 is a lot different from that provided by Windows 7 and other predecessors. That is precisely why, many users have been wary of making the switch. Even those who did adopt the new OS have been apprehensive towards the tiled interface.

The new leader of the Windows product development team, Julie Larson-Green, has now claimed that her team has been gathering automatic feedback from certain Windows users who chose to join the company’s “customer experience improvement program.” And as per this feedback, these users are adjusting to many new features of Windows 8 without any hassle.

Larson-Green further claims that nearly 90 percent of Windows 8 users need only one session to get the hang of the basics of the new OS. In fact, soon after adopting Windows 8, the familiarity with the new interface is quite normal, “There’s a cutover point, around six weeks in, where you start using the new things more than the things you’re familiar with.”

However, while that remains Larson-Green’s claim, a significant number of tech analysts and users have reported across multiple forums that the switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is fairly problematic. The chief problems that are cited include the inability to grasp the redesigned features in Windows 8 and as a result, a much lower productivity.

Courtesy: Technology Review

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