Windows 8 Advertisements Leak Out, Later Removed By Microsoft

Advertisements for Microsoft’s approaching Windows 8 operating system have leaked their way onto the web early Wednesday morning. Microsoft pledged that Windows 8 would launch on October 26th earlier this month. Although we would love to show you these advertisements, Microsoft has recently removed them due to a copyright claim. Instead we will discuss the juicy gossip these advertisements have  brought about.

The focus of the leaked advertisements stress the vital features of Windows 8 while paying close attention to the learning curve for precedent Windows users. In the four leaked videos, a Windows user explains the process of completing everyday tasks such as switching between applications and viewing multiple applications at once.

All the advertisements were based-on Windows 8 tablets, which shows Microsoft plans to launch a huge campaign for their forthcoming Surface tablet. Stunningly, Microsoft’s ads mainly tout features of the “Metro” inter-pane and never dive into the desktop of Windows 8.

One of the ads is labeled “Work hard, play hard,” a slogan attempting to grab the eyes of both businessmen and gamers. The Surface will launch in New York on October 25th, just a day before Windows 8 will launch.

Source: CNET

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