Windows 8 Reaches A Market Share Of 7.41%

It has been a while since Microsoft launched Windows 8 amid a lot of fanfare. The OS didn’t exactly spread like wildfire after the launch but new numbers suggest that it is finally beginning to catch up, grabbing 7.41% of the global market share.

OS market share

According to the latest numbers crunched by Net Applications, the overall OS market share of Windows platform is 91.19% whereas that of Mac is 7.28%. When divulging the exact market share of individual Windows versions, we are told that Windows 7 is still the dominant player, with its share of 45.63%.

Windows XP, on the other hand, has plummeted below the 35% mark, reaching 33.66%, after having remained the most popular Windows version for so long. The decline also indicates that the users are finally moving on to the more recent versions of the OS.

When it comes to Windows 8, it was able to gain a whopping 2.01 percent in August 2013 alone. The latest hike puts the market share of Windows 8 at 7.41%, also hinting that the adoption rate of the new OS is heating up.

Although the start has been rather slow for Windows 8, it would appear that Microsoft’s determination to push it is finally bearing fruit. The other major reason is simply that users, especially corporations, may finally be moving ahead of Windows XP in favor of more recent Windows flavors. This, in turn, is sure to hike the market share of both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and we may see this trend continue in the coming months.

Source: Net Applications
Image Courtesy: TNW

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