Microsoft Pulls Windows RT 8.1 Update From Windows Store

After a lot of anticipation and wait, Microsoft finally released Windows 8.1 update for RT devices recently. However, within hours of launch, users started reporting a number of problems with the update. As a result, Microsoft has pulled the update from Windows Store citing that it is investigating the situation.

Windows RT

Interestingly, it appears that most of the users who installed the update didn’t report any problems. However, there were a few users who were unable to install the update. Yet others cited that as soon as they installed the update, it bricked their devices, making them lose all their data in the process.

Microsoft hasn’t officially cited any clear reason for removing the update from Windows Store. The official statement dished out by the company is as follows:

“Windows RT 8.1. Microsoft is investigating a situation affecting a limited number of users updating their Windows RT devices to Windows RT 8.1.  As a result, we have temporarily removed the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store.  We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.  We will provide updates as they become available.”

Much to the confusion and annoyance of the users, Microsoft hasn’t revealed when it’ll update the situation neither has the company revealed whether or not it is going to re-release the update once the problem is sorted. Meanwhile, many angry users have taken to Twitter to vent out against the company, following the loss of their data after they installed the update.

Source: Microsoft

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  1. Tsais

    RT is a zombie anyway.

    Just put your RT devices on eBay Africa, its better than nothing for the children there, maybe they will even write some software for it after a while.

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