Leaked Screenshots Of Windows 8.1 Surface Again

We have been hearing about an update to Microsoft’s Windows 8 for quite some time. However, so far, Microsoft hasn’t dished out a significant upgrade. Alleged screenshots from Windows 8.1 have now surfaced, depicting apps redesigns for Xbox Music and Movie Moments apps.

Xbox Music app

The leaked screenshots have been gathered by users of a leaked build of Windows Phone, to which Microsoft has apparently pushed out a Windows Store update. Users are citing support for large tile size as well as somewhat of a remake for a number of apps.

Among the regular apps that have been redone by Microsoft include the news, weather, travel and finance apps. Moreover, leaked screenshots now show that Microsoft has also overhauled the Xbox Music and Move Moments apps. From the leaks, one can tell that the apps have been significantly redone in terms of their visuals.

However, as far as the functionality of the apps is concerned, we can only comment on it once Microsoft actually rolls out a full-scale update for Windows users. We’ll keep you posted as soon as any other leaks or information at this front hits the web.

Source: Bavo

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  1. Tsais

    So, the big news is that microsoft redid some graphics? Something they should leave to the aftermarket and the users anyway…

    How about fixing the actual software? Like stopping File explorer to arbitrarily jump to the top of the tree instead of staying where you scrolled it to?

    Ah wait, we’re talking about Microsoft here: Software can be fixed by others, they have all turned graphic designers now… I wish they’d create oil paintings for New York galleries instead, so we can pass on their half baked attempts at art.

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