Windows Phone Apps Marketing Plan By Microsoft Leaked

Smartphone and tablets are the rage of today’s tech world. However, without a large ecosystem to support them, even an excellent product won’t pitch in with the users. Apple’s products and Android devices are a huge success precisely for the reason that they are part of a greater ecosystem, with hundreds of thousands of apps available for each. Now, Microsoft may be planning to take its Windows Phone Marketplace up a notch, as is evidenced by some leaked Microsoft slides.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace already has crossed 70,000 apps. But when compared to, say iTunes Store or Google Play, this is still not very impressive. While Microsoft and Nokia are working on a number of other ventures to bring developers on board for Windows Phone apps, Microsoft has also devised a marketing plan for these apps.

And now, this plan which has been a part of a presentation by Microsoft’s marketing group, has been leaked. So how does the company intend to attract attention to Windows Phone apps? Well, according to the slides, Microsoft intends to put $10 million into marketing so as to aid the competitors of such apps whose developers are not working on Windows Phone apps. Moreover, the company will be promoting top apps as well as exclusive apps throughout.

The company also intends to focus more on quality, rather than quantity, and so, hitting huge numbers is perhaps not the only goal. The pricing will also mostly remain to the standard observed through other apps markets, with most Windows Phone apps to be kept to $0.99.

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