Windows RT Doesn’t Meet Google Search App System Requirments

Google Search is certainly the far-most utilized search engine available on the net. Google provides applications on Android, iOS, and the Windows marketplace for its search engine. But there is one slight issue – users running Windows RT are receiving critical errors when they attempt to download Google Search from the Windows marketplace.

Windows RT users who attempt at downloading Google Search on their device will be presented with a message alerting them they don’t meet system requirements for the download. This means users must search Google the old fashioned way by opening up Microsoft Explorer and guiding over to

Search Engine Land contacted Google about the situation and a representative said, “we always aim to have our products available to as many people as we can and plan to launch updated versions of the Google Search app over time.” Later during the day, Microsoft contacted the publication stating it’s Google restricting its Google Search offering on ARM-based devices:

You’d have to ask Google, but apparently their search app doesn’t work on ARM devices. We just checked the app details in the Windows Store and ARM is not listed as a supported architecture.

Furthermore, users won’t be able to download Google Chrome on Windows ARM systems over similar support issues. This is a huge letdown considering the popularity of the two applications.

Source: The Droid Guy

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