xParanormal Detector: Is It A Virus Or Ghost Detector?

Remember the cartoon Ghostbusters where a group of members used to busted ghosts with their devices? Although in real world, the word ‘ghost’ is nothing but a hypothesis, now its seems like ghosts really exist as a man has found its existence via xParanormal Detector.


For long time it has been said that after death many people become ghost and of those, some of them wander the Earth for doing evil things. On the other side, it’s been assumed for the past few years that ghosts, if any exist there in this real world, now apparently emit low-level electromagnetic radiation as so-called spirit hunters now have an array of impressive devices, like EMF detectors. Therefore, it might not be possible to detect ghosts. Besides, you will find many apps available for iPhone and laptops that will help you finding the evidence of ghosts.

However, although we know that ghosts are absolutely hypothetical, but seems like that’s not true now. A person downloaded and installed xParanormal Detector v2.5 in his laptop. xParanormal Detector is a piece of software designed to detect ghosts if by any chance there exists any ghosts in this real world.


The software “employs your existing computer hardware to measure abnormal changes and detect vibrations, images, energy to help any spirits to communicate with you.” It is also said that this detector is able to translate ghost language. It has impressive graphs with squiggly lines scrolling across them. On the other hand, the person had “R-Flux” detector (also called Wave Sensor) that could help him to see if any dead person wanted to make his/her presence or not.

And luckily, he found that the xParanormal Detector detected something! He was sure that it was something unusual as at that time wind howled outside his window suddenly and his neighbor yelled something indistinguishable at cars passing by on the street. He found that the R-Flux line jumped and a pop-up window informed him that a spirit spoke a word: “quartz.”

Interestingly, the man, later decided to uninstall the xParanormal Detector as he thinks it’s probably just a virus or something. What do you think, xParanormal – is it a virus or something like that or is it really a modern ghost detector? Share your thoughts with us.

We are not responsible for any consequence happened after installing xParanormal Detector. We are not related to the developer of this thing neither with the ghost!

Source: PopSci

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