Surface Multi-Touch System Samsung SUR40, Now Available

Surface multi-touch systems have been quite a sensation since they were first introduced. They allow multiple people to interact with a huge display with ease. But because they are a bit pricey, they are often purchased by corporations and other major players. Samsung has launched, Samsung SUR40, the latest in it’s series of surface multi-touch systems. It comes with a 64-bit Windows 7 professional, is about 4-inches thick and has a 40-inch HD 1080p screen.

The new Samsung SUR40 can be laid down, like a table or can be mounted to a wall. It works perfectly well both in horizontal and vertical alignment. The machine is both multi-user and multi-touch, enabling more than one users to interact with the display through multiple touches. Also, a very advanced technology, PixelSense, is used to capture the multiple interactions to the screen. With PixelSense, the pixels on the screen start acting like cameras who capture the interactions with the screen and respond to them instantly.

Although SUR40 was actually planned by Samsung to be released in 2011, it scheduled a slight delay and has been launched on January 16, 2012. At the release, Microsoft claimed that Microsoft’s motion-sensor product, Kinect,can be used together with SUR40. This can hugely improve the experience of using a multi-touch system.

Currently, the machine is estimated to be available for a eye-popping price of $8400 in US, for the device alone and about $9049 for device plus stand. However, being available in 23 countries as of now, the prices of the machine may differ according to the region.

Image courtesy Slashgear.

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