Toshiba Start shipping Its First 1TB 2.5″ Standard Internal Hard Drive

Toshiba finally start shipping their first 1TB standard 2.5-inch, 9mm-thick internal hard drive for laptops, the MQ01ABD series. The new drive comes with 250GB to 1TB. Featuring SATA 2 (3Gbps) with 5,400rpm. According to news.cnet the MQ01ABD drive is ideal for notebook and compact desktop PCs and mobile workstations.

It can also be used in other applications such as gaming consoles, DVR set-top boxes, and as external storage. According to Toshiba, the new drive consumes only 0.55 watt while idle and emits a maximum of 19dB at idle and 24dB noise during seek operations. The new MQ01ABD series drive will be available in the mid of the month but for now no informations on pricing.
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