Survey Says British Youngsters Are More Comfortable With Tech Than Making Tea

A recent survey indicates that British youngsters are losing their interest in outdoors more these days and many don’t even know how to do such things that youngsters of yesteryears took pride in, like repairing a punctured bicycle tire or fixing a car’s battery. What newer youngsters are more interested in doing and know how to do are tech-related functions. The world is getting more technologized, but it does not mean that a person loses touch with reality and with things which are non-technological. Because then the life is colourless without nature in it. The youngsters these days need to learn this fact.

The survey was about how connected today’s younger generation is with outdoor stuff. Around 1,000 British youngsters were surveyed for this purpose by the UK electricity provider npower and it published its findings recently on Monday, according to Digital Trends. The survey found that 67% of those aged between 5 and 13 have no problem operating a DVD player or use the internet searching for what they want. Only 19% on the other hand could read a map and 55% could tie their own shoelaces. Who knew such little things could be troublesome without having a app for a map and a robot to tie up shoelaces.

Around 37% of these kids know how to search a clip on YouTube, but 87% might actually go to YouTube for learning how to fix a bicycle tire since they would not know without its help. Some 43% know exactly how to use a smartphone and 50% are able to use games consoles like the Wii or Xbox. British parents have new things to take pride in their kids now.

Tea is a big drinking delicacy for the Brits, the kids included, but 35% only know how to make one when mums are not around to do it for them. Here goes the British’s society pride of refine taste in drinking. Other interesting tidbits that came out of the survey is that 91% don’t know about different butterflies, 78% cannot put up a tent and only 43% recall seeing stars in the last month.

Hence, nature seems to have a little effect in the man-created world. Nature is replaceable, but for them they could go online and find some nice sceneries to admire the world. The conclusion is simply that today’s youth has lost their sense of adventure and outdoorsy skills which was taken for granted by the older generations. They learned past these things to develop the world the way could innovative and through physical skills, but today’s youth is dependent for these little things in lure of moving out to work with their iPhone and iPad. Now to get back on track a bit npower is launching a Climate Cops SOS program.


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