‘Worst Ever’ PC Sales In A Quarter, IDC Blames Windows 8

Approximately, 76.3 million units PC units shipped globally in the first quarter of 2013, which is 14% lower compared to the same period last yer. According to research firm IDC, this is the lowest PC sales since the firm started keeping track in 1994. IDC has blames Microsoft’s Windows 8 as the prime factor behind this decline.

Windows 8 touchscreen laptop

IDC program vice president of Clients and Displays division Bob O’Donnell said in a statement, “At this point, unfortunately, it seems clear that the Windows 8 launch not only didn’t provide a positive boost to the PC market, it’s actually hurt the market.” O’Donnell added, “the radical changes to the [user interface], removal of the familiar Start button and the costs associated with touch PCs have made PCs a less attractive alternative to dedicated tablets and other competitive devices.”

Jay Chou, a senior research analyst with IDC, added that many users are worried to shift to Windows 8 because of its “compromised experience,” let along the business users who are still upgrading to Windows 7.

Source: IDC

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