DigiTech’s New iPad Pedalboard

DigiTech is a company that builds guitar multi-effects pedals and individual stompboxes that allow guitarists to achieve, or enhance, their guitar sounds. Now DigiTech have announced a new unit which offers the best of both worlds. Docking an iPad in the iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard allows guitarists to drag and drop a chain of effects using the accompanying app and then use the physical footswitches to control the action.


DigiTech has also launched its own specially-designed iPB-Nexus app for iPad that gives iPB-10 users the ability to design boards by drag and drop on the tablet screen and includes a MyTones library to store and organize presets. Players can choose to use other apps with the system but full functionality may suffer.

“The iPB-10 will stream a digital audio signal to any application that uses the digital audio input on the iPad,” Scott Klimt, Marketing Lead at DigiTech, told Gizmag. “In our testing we’ve found that we can create a preset within iPB-Nexus app, run that sound into Garageband, add any additional effects within that application and record tracks. We’re not able to control third party apps with the footswitches but you can run those apps while the iPad is docked in the iPB-10

“The iPB-Nexus app for iPad brings a level of connectivity and sharing to musicians that never existed for presets,” says Klimt. “Allowing users to share their presets with each other directly from their pedal within an online community of iPB-Nexus/iPB-10 users is one of the features that make this part of the future of guitar effects. Imagine the ability to search and load the perfect tone for any song without having to unhook all your gear, plug into your desktop computer, install the drivers, and wait for everything to update.”


The iPB-Nexus app that comes along with it allows for users to string up to 10 effects at once, also providing users with up to 87 different pedals to choose from, ranging from wah, distortion, chorus, flangers and phasers. Shipping of the iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard starts shipping this month and will retail for a staggering $700 and users will be able to get iPB-Nexus app for free. Obviously the iPad does not come with the pedalboard although we’re guessing that certain musicians will be tempted to go out and get themselves the iPad now.
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