Slim Xbox 360 Will Come Bundled With Natal On June 13th

Microsoft has set to make an announcements at E3 this year, and the rumours is that the basic Xbox 360 will be going black and slim when it’s bundled with the forthcoming Natal.
Xbox 360 and Natal
Microsoft are working on a slimmer Xbox 360 update doesn’t seem all that surprising. We have already seen some leaked images of the mainboard along with the console itself.

Microsoft will introduce the long rumored slim version of the 360 at the end of the year. The Slim version of the Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive and with Project Natal bundled into the box while maintaining the $299 price point. Pegging the updated package with the new motion-tracking hardware at the same cost as the current Xbox 360 Elite 120GB. Project Natal is due to make its official debut at E3 come June 13th 2010

The new system design as pretty neat and suggests there’ll be a shift to black as the console’s primary color, to go along with Natal’s darker hue, which in turn was dictated by the fact it’d have to sit alongside dark and moody HDTV sets.


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