Elgato EyeTV Netstream

Elgato release EyeTV satellite netstream box and available with DVB-T variant EyeTV Sat,23 × 119 × 119 mm small box, the satellite signal to stream live and HD on local machine.You can stream freeview direct to iPad,Mac or PC by EyeTV……

Watch and record free-to-view satellite television on any Mac or PC in the house, in full HD. If your home has an existing Wi-Fi network, you can watch live satellite TV wirelessly on a portable computer anywhere in your home or garden.EyeTV Netstream Sat enables your entire family to share one TV tuner device, and it delivers a high-definition TV picture to every room. There’s no need to connect a satellite dish and TV tuner dongle to each computer! Simply place EyeTV Netstream Sat near your existing satellite connection and connect it to your router. EyeTV Netstream Sat receives DVB-S2 and streams the TV signal via your Ethernet or home Wi-Fi network.


  • Stream free-to-view satellite TV (DVB-S2 or Freesat) to the computers on your home network
  • Enjoy a crystal clear, high-definition television picture on your computer’s high-resolution display
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC
  • Watch TV wirelessly on a portable computer or iPad if you have a Wi-Fi network
  • Stream live TV over the home network to an iPad – even when your computers are turned off
  • As a network device, it does not have to be installed near your computers
EyeTV 3 is the world’s leading TV software for Mac. Watch, pause, and rewind live TV on your Mac. Search two weeks of Program Guide listings, and record one show or create Smart Guides to record an entire season. Edit out unwanted content and export recordings automatically to iTunes to sync with Apple devices. An optional app is available to stream live TV to an iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.EyeTV Netstream DTT works great with Windows 7 Media Center. The included THC software for Windows supports many of the same features that are offered by EyeTV 3 software.The EyeTV netstream box available from 22 november at €199.95.
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