Energizer 84020 12V All-In-One Jump-Start System

Energizer bring new 84020 12V All-In-One Jump-Start System with Built-In Air Compressor and Power Inverter. Convenience takes on a whole new meaning with the efficient, reliable and user-friendly Energizer 84020 All-In-One 12V 18Ah Battery Jumpstarter with Air Compressor and Power Inverter. Powered by an internal 12-volt, 18Ah sealed lead-acid battery capable of delivering 350 CA, it is designed to quickly and safely deliver automotive power on three fronts: battery jump-starting power, air compression for tire inflation and untethered AC and DC current suitable for most any appliance or gadget. Covering virtually any temporary power requirement, the Energizer All-In-One provides all the power needed for any getaway. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more detail bellow.


Key Features:

  • Rugged polypropylene case
  • 12V, 18Ah sealed lead-acid battery capable of delivering 350 CA
  • Flex-neck work light
  • Large, easy-to-use ON/OFF rotary switch to prevent sparking
  • 4 AWG output cables with 24″ reach
  • Two 12V cigarette sockets for powering 12V accessories; protected with a 30A manual-reset circuit breaker
  • Battery status indicator to signify the charge-state of the internal battery
  • 12V, 1 amp internal battery charger; charger has 2-stages so the charger can be connected to the wall outlet indefinitely, allowing the internal battery to be maintained at full charge at all times.
  • Battery charge indicator to signify when the internal battery is charging ad when it is fully charged
  • “Shorted clamps” audio alarm
  • “Reverse polarity” audio alarm
  • 200 watt, DC/AC power inverter internally mounted; has ON/OFF switch, one AC power outlet; fan cooled
  • Internal air compressor capable of inflating an automobile tire in 10 minutes
  • Pressure gauge and ON/OFF switch on outside, and compressor is thermally protected from overheating, has a strong, fabric-covered output hose with screw-on valve stem coupler


Jumpstarting Your Car

In the event of a dead or severely drained battery the Energizer All-In-One Jumpstarter allows you to get back on the road in minutes by simply following three color-coated steps numbered on the outside of the unit. It’s as easy as 1: assuring that the unit has a sufficient charge by pressing the CHECK button; 2: attaching the color-coded positively and negatively charged 24″ power output jumper cables, via their heavy-duty, spark-resitant battery clamps, to the appropriate positively charged post on your car’s dead battery and a ground position on your engine block; 3: turning the power switch located in the clearly marked JUMP section of the controls from OFF to JUMP, and starting the car with the dead battery. When your vehicle starts and has run at an idle for a few minutes remove the All-In-One Jumpstarter cables in the reverse order they were connected, turn off the unit and you are ready to roll.


Air Compressor

The only physical connection any car has with the road is through its tires. Because of this correct tire pressure can affect everything from improved gas mileage, to correct handling on the road and the avoidance of unnecessary exposure of tires to the possibility of puncture or blowouts due to underinflation. The air compressor built into the Energizer All-In-One Jumpstarter easily addresses these issues by funneling its portable power into the ability to fill tires whenever the need or want arises. When sufficiently charged, the unit is capable of inflating most any automobile tire within 10 minutes, and is easy and safe to use with its ON/OFF switch and built-in pressure gauge located on the front of the unit. The compressor also is thermally protected from overheating, and has a strong, fabric-covered output hose with a screw-on valve stem coupler.

DC/AC Power and Light When and Where You Need It

Along with its automotive exclusive functionality, the Energizer All-In-One Jumpstarter provides all the power and access to power that you will ever need. The unit comes standard with two 12-volt DC cigarette sockets for powering 12V accessories. Both are protected by a 30-amp manual-reset circuit breaker, located at the back ensuring that your devices are never exposed to more power than they can safely handle. In addition, users also have convenient access to three-pronged AC power by way of the built-in 200 watt, DC/AC power inverter. This component also contains a built-in cooling fan to prevent any overheating during this power conversion and an ON/OFF AC power switch to minimize the possibility of power drain when cords are left plugged in. The All-In-One Jumpstarter also contains a flex-neck work light stored in the unit’s handle that allows the user to shine a little light virtually any place.

Easy to Maintain Power Levels

Because even the best jumpstarter unit is of little use unless it contains sufficient power, the Energizer Jumpstart All-In-One is designed to be easy to charge and effortless to maintain. Unlike other manufacturer’s units that can be damaged by overcharging, the Energizer Jumpstart All-In-One contains a 12V, 1 amp internal two-stage charger that allows your battery’s power to fluctuate within a very small range while attached to AC current for charging. At the highest level of this range through the middle, charging ceases, while when the lowest is reached charging begins again, continuing until the highest level is reached. This creates a charging cycle, yet cuts the battery off from the damaging effects of excess power. This means that the unit can safely be connected to a wall outlet indefinitely, ensuring that the unit will be ready to pop into your trunk at full power whenever you want it.



That’s all about the Energizer 84020. This All-In-One Jump-Start System is available in Amazon.com. You can directly order or Buy from here.
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