Father Builds 737 Cockpit Simulator For His Son In The Bedroom

Fathers’ try their best to make their children happy and provide them with the best opportunities, right? Earlier, we have seen a father making a quadcopter drone for his son. Now we have come to know that a father named Laurent Aigon has built and and set up a 737 cockpit simulator in his son’s bedroom.

737 Cockpit Simulator In Bedroom

Forty-year old Laurent Aigon is a waiter by profession, but he always dreamed of being a pilot. However, he failed to fulfill his dream. Now he dreams that one day his son will be a pilot. And to make that happen Aigon was busy in making a 737 cockpit simulator (it is used as a training simulator for pilot) for his son over the last five years.

Laurent Aigon With His Own Built 737 Cockpit Simulator

Aigon methodically ordered parts of the simulator from the internet, assembled a control panel and screen that functions precisely the way the real simulators do. That’s not all. He attached five networked monitors to his set-up so that he could simulate journeys and have a real life experience of flying a plane.

Homemade 737 Cockpit Simulator

Aigon has set up the 737 cockpit simulator in his son’s bedroom and he hopes that his son would like it. Here’s a video for you.

Source: Sudouest.fr
Thanks To: Oddity Central

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