5 Fun Apple Watch Games To Play When Bored

Apple Watch is a small device, that requires the games you would expect to play on it to be small as well. But that does not mean Apple Watch Games will disappoint you.

You will not be wrong being a little skeptic about how fun it can be playing games on Apple Watch. But let’s rationalize things, shall we? Apple Watch is not a fully-fledged smartphone. Series 3 had a display size of 38mm*42mm. It would not be rational to expect to play a First Person Shooter on your Smartphone. Similarly, although Series 3 had a dual-core processor, that does not mean it enables you to play games that you would expect to play on a smartphone.

There is no need to feel disheartened though, there are a lot of fun and interactive games that you can play on your Apple Watch.

Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies is a great example of how the gameplay is way more important than fancy visuals. Tiny Armies is a game that is basically a battle between two parties. You get to control one side of the war, while Apple Watch takes care of your rival force. You need to swipe on the display to move the force.


Lifeline is another good example of how storytelling is a much greater aspect of video games. The story revolves around two people. One of them is stranded on the Moon after a crash landing. While the other lives on Earth and tries to communicate to Tyler, the one who is stranded on Moon. You will be helping him survive on Moon.


Nuggetz is a reaction based game. The rule of the game is to name the color of the word that is written, not the word itself. Simple yet challenging! So, if the word reads Pink but the Text color is Red, the answer is Red. One great thing about this game is, you do not need to be connected to the internet to play the game neither do you need to be connected to your iPhone.

Snappy Word

Do you expect to learn from everything you do for entertainment? Then Snappy Word is the game you should definitely have on your SmartWatch. You will be given four alphabets, and you would have to make a meaningful word out of them. This game is free which is a plus.

Sonic Dash 2

Sonic Dash 2 is the sequel to Sonic Dash. This endless runner will never get boring. Above, we have listed Lifeline which is solely based on storytelling. On the other hand, Sonic Dash 2 has great visuals and graphics. Every time you cover a certain distance you will receive fun in-game prizes.

Wrapping Up!

Have you tried any of the games listed above? If yes, please let us know in the comments section about your honest feedback.

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