Introducing 3 New Activity Trackers By Fitbit: Charge, Charge HR and Surge

Not many hours ago, Fitbit unveiled three new activity and sleep tracking device created by them, known as Charge, Charge HP and Surge. Although coming from under the same manufacturer, these three devices will have slightly different features depending upon the type of use you want to perform with each of them.


The Charge:

The only device of these three that is available in the US is the Fitbit Charge, which also happens to be the cheapest one. With this $130 worth tracker, you can track your daily activities like how many steps you have taken, how many miles have you run or how many calories you have burnt etc. You will also get incoming call alerts on this one, as well as manual input of other workouts. The dashboard will show you the summary of it all. The expected battery life it up to seven days, and reportedly, it’s also water resistant. Here’s a video of Charge.

The Charge HR:

Although the Charge HR has pretty similar features as the Charge, it provides somewhat more accurate readings such as heartbeat rates at peak and resting time. This tracker will be available in the US from 2015, and users can avail it for a little less than $150. It will only be available in black and plum, but the color tangerine will be added soon. Here’s a video of Charge HR.

The Surge:

This last one is the most expensive of all three trackers, and has the most diverse features. It will have all the features that the Charge and Charge HR have, and additionally, it will have an inbuilt GPS system to count and store data like your pace, distance, route history, elevation and more. The manufacturers have claimed it be more of a smartwatch than an actual tracker since it can track multi-sport activity, and you can also change music right from your wrist, see incoming calls and receive messages on this one. It’s battery life expectancy is also seven days, and you can avail this for $250 in the beginning of 2015. See the video of The Surge below.

Source: TNW

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