CheapCast Can Turn Android Devices Into Chromecast Dongles

Google recently released Chromecast, it’s new and tiny TV dongle which costs a very affordable $35. However, a new app called ‘Cheapcast’ claims that you can have Chromecast for free! The Android app essentially makes your Android handset act like a Chromecast dongle, saving you the $35.


Cheapcast runs quietly in the background on your handset and emulates the Chromecast. While the app is running on your handset, you can easily receive YouTube videos from another Android device. Moreover, you can simply plug your handset into your TV and view the content straight on the large display, without any need for buying an actual Chromecast.

However, Google’s Chromecast comes with support for a number of streaming services, such as Netflix. Naturally, the Cheapcast isn’t offering such a deal, although it is still in its beta phase and we can expect more improvements in it in the coming days.

To use Cheapcast, you simply need to download the app from the Google Play Store and install it. The best thing about the app is that it supports Android devices running Android 2.2 all the way to the latest firmware versions. Moreover, it offers you a number of options to customize the way it runs on your handset.

For instance, you decide by what name your device will be visible to others and that whether or not the app should start when you boot your device. Although the app is limited in that it wouldn’t let you mirror Chrome tabs, like the original Chromecast, it does allow you to run YouTube videos from other devices. One hopes that in the coming days, this useful app will be equipped with more features. In the meantime, you may want to try your hands on the beta version.

Source: Google Play

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