AT&T Creates Smart Device To Keep Track Of Your Luggage

If you travel frequently, you may have undergone the ordeal of losing your luggage at an airport. AT&T aims to end such issues once and for all with a new smart tracker which is able to keep you updated about the location of your luggage in real time.


Typically, luggage during flights is misplaced on the airport where you land. In rare cases, the luggage is accidentally shipped to another city. This leads to waiting for a considerable amount of time and making a lot of effort to get it back. But what if you could always be aware of the exact location of your luggage?

That is precisely what AT&T is aiming for. The wireless carrier showed off a small device which is fitted inside the luggage. At the same time, you are able to pair up the device with your handset so that it keeps you posted about the location of the luggage. Even if the luggage is in another city, the tracker will send a notification to your handset, alerting you about the situation.

AT&T luggage tracker

AT&T says that the device works fine with international flights as well, given that the tracker is able to connect to most 3G-compatible networks. Such a tracker can be immensely useful for frequent travelers, especially those who are tight on their schedule and never want to waste any time on possibly misplaced luggage.

However, the tracker is still in the works and AT&T hasn’t provided any estimate of the launch date. It is essentially a part of AT&T’s push into the realm of ‘Internet of Things.’

Courtesy: PC World

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