HUB: HiFi Wireless Earbuds with 100 Hours Playtime

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HUB has a couple of noteworthy features like wireless charging, ambient-noise cancellation, power banking and smart assistance.

HUB comes with Bluetooth 5.0 It is the latest version of Bluetooth. But does it mean you cannot use HUB with a device that supports an older version of Bluetooth? Well, not really. Bluetooth is backwards compatible. Which means you can use HUB ,which is Bluetooth 5, with any device that supports Bluetooth 4.2. Furthermore, with Bluetooth 5.0, HUB earbuds can communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy, which means reduced power usage and longer battery life.

If you have not used a wireless earphone before, you might be a little confused about why exactly you need a wireless earphone, or on which occasions will a wireless earbud come handier than a traditional earphone.

Well, think about the times when you go on a walk. You plug in your earphone into your phone and put it inside your pocket. That isn’t a very smart move. You don’t want the earphone wires dancing in front of you as you start the last mile for the day. In such a situation wireless earphones are a better solution. And if the earphone is Ergonomically built, you should not worry about it falling off as you jog.


HUB is ergonomically built, which means it will fit your ear holes perfectly. In fact, the HUB earbuds will remain at the same place as you move.

As mentioned before, HUB uses minimal energy, still, you can never be sure when your device will run out of juice. HUB comes with a Power Bank which means you can charge the device on the go anywhere. And to add the cherry on the top, you can also charge any other device using this same Power bank using a USB port.

You might be wondering after you disconnect the earbuds from your phone, do you need to reconnect it when you have to use it again? Well, the answer is no. HUB earbuds will automatically connect to your smartphone as soon as you bring them out of the case and disconnect as you put them back inside.

Wrapping Up!

Although the HUB earbuds come with a power bank, you can be careless about charging the device as it has a rough 100-hour playtime with one single charge. Never get frustrated if you take your earbuds to the office and don’t find any good use for it expect for listening to music. HUB earbuds support voice assistants such as SIRI and Google. Simply give voice commands to your smartphone by speaking to theHUB earbuds.

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