Baidu Eye — Another Competitor Of Google Glass

Though Google Glass is the apparent pioneer in a new breed of augmented reality gadgets, it is not going to have a road of roses. We have already heard about similar developments by LG and Sony. Now, there is another entry in the list – Baidu.

Baidu Eye

The Chinese search engine is reported to be developing a Google Glass like wearable tech gadget – Baidu Eye. Chinese site Sina Tech broke the news, and also posted a picture showing an unidentified person wearing a prototype device.

According to sources cited by Sina Tech, Baidu Eye “features an LCD display, can recognize images, and is controlled by voice.” The appearance of the device is still under the design line. The system core is provided by Qualcomm, and both the companies are working together to boost the battery life to 12 hours or above.

The Baidu Eye will also be open for third-party developers to develop apps for. Seems, Google Glass will have to face fierce competition in China,  if the company ever decides to launch Google Glass in the country.

Source: Sina

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